The Best I Ever Had

by notsoon4gotten

Saying good-bye to the best I ever had…

It’s been many months since our last rendezvous.  I think it was early June and now it’s October.   It seems your life got in the way and has no place for me.   As the chatting waned I would tell myself I was okay, then it would pick back up.  You would indicate you were still interested, we would set a date and then you would cancel.  Every time something would come up, I feel I was being played the fool.

This morning I looked at our chat log, it’s been days since we exchanged convo.  Your photo sits there to the right of my last message with no reply, not even read from three days ago.  I said, “good-bye, name.”  I surprised myself with tears in my eyes.  It is in the moment, I knew, I had to be done.  I was saying good-bye for me.

You might have been the best I’ve ever had and I will surely miss the opportunity to experience what you offer; but it’s obvious to me that you are not interested in keeping what I thought was a good thing going.  Life gets in the way, it always does.

I do not leave this relationship empty handed.  You taught me how to achieve release like never before; without seeing you for months, I had lots of time to practice on my own.  I had lots of time to appreciate, while not the best I’ve ever had, the best my spouse has to offer.

(A first person narrative, the intended receiver may never read.)

Theme song: Best I Ever Had by Vertical Horizon

But, it’s not so bad; You’re only the best I ever had

And, it may take some time to patch me up inside.