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Month: November, 2013

Reflections the continuum

If you haven’t read “Reflections” read that prior to this post.

Dr. S has been on my mind quite a bit this last semester.  In my search for life’s balance, his words ring in my ears.  It is a rare event that a random person whom I knew for only 14 weeks would have a profound impact on my life years later, however, this is the case.

I was reviewing my class rosters for next semester.  I saw that one of my students is the son of this very professor who died too young and too soon.  

Life is a continuum, a continuum in which we must find our balance for happiness.  If one believes in the the spirit world as I do, you realize the significance of his son in my class.  A recondite interruption to the search for a balanced continuum. 



A Poem – Sweet Moments

Sweet Moments

My heart flutters
My body weakens
I am yours
In this sweet moment

Please be gentle
Please be soft
I am fragile
In this sweet moment

Your eyes close
Your body shivers
You are mine
In this sweet moment

I am welcoming
I am generous
You are fragile, too
In this sweet moment

Our bodies entwine
Our breath quickens
We are together
In this sweet moment

Our desires quell us
Our lust intoxicates
The world is lost
In this sweet moment

Written by ME, July 2010