A Partner in Crime

by notsoon4gotten

“Flirtationship – more than a friendship, less than a relationship.”

I have been without a lover for quite some time now, nearly a year.  I had fulfilled by deepest desire sexually and with that relationship having ended, I hadn’t the desire to look for another.  I became very content in my marriage. I had learned things my body could do and my husband took it upon himself to read more about pleasuring me, so my sex life has been very good, very good indeed.

I was so content that I failed to notice a fellow professor was hitting on me for about a year!  In all honesty, I thought he was gay.   Our first outings were shopping for more alluring clothing for me.  What straight guy willingly goes shopping with a woman?  My husband thinks he’s gay, too.  He’s flamboyant, yet, loves women.  He wanted me to accentuate my assets and bring the beauty of my femininity to light.  And a many thank yous for that insight.

I took his advise and teaching on dressing less conservatively, losing the professor turtle necks and discovered the affect of boobs on men!  I always knew, but it wasn’t my older, mature, mother and professor self to show large amounts of boobs or cleavage.  It was always evident I had boobs, nice ones, and that to me was enough.  Now, I just show a little more cleavage on a more regular basis and summer is coming!!!  I took clothes hiding away in my closet and gave them new life.   I’ve had male students become all befuddled talking to me about school, even a female student who is into the pretty lesbian type (the girls who you wouldn’t think were gay).  I’ve now had drinks purchased for me, while wearing my wedding rings out with my gal pals.  And I have my husband’s friends surely thinking he’s one damn lucky man.  I have discovered how to be sexier than I was without anything more than accentuating what I already had, all while still being demure.   It is an art in my honest opinion to be revealing without being trashy or slutty.

I soon learn my new friend is quite the ladies man.  I think he must have at least a dozen ladies in his quiver, including a live in girl friend.  Like minds, kindred spirit, whatever one may wish to call it, we must put off a vibe or aura.   Neither of us were raised in the United States, when one is not raised in the puritan culture of America, one does not have the stigma attached to sexuality, sex, nudity, or monogamy.  (There are other very close minded cultures, but lets just focus on America, because I live in the all puritan, righteous southern American culture.)

I have a lot of fun going out with this new found friend.  Intellectually compatible, philosophically compatible, its refreshing.   It’s a relief to be able to be honest about my non-monogamous ways and not be judged.  He wants to hear all about it, I share some, but the private details are always private.  We can talk about sex, relationships, and the powers at play within.  We can make-out, have fun sexually and know its not going to change our friendship.  “Flirtationship, more than friendship, less than relationship.”  I know he likely has a few women we has fun with and I’m okay with that.  He knows I’m open to having a man or two, have in the past and he’s okay with that.

As a partner in crime, I told him his best friend (who is married) was cute and flirted back when I was playfully flirtatious.  So, my type, I’m a sucker for blue eyes.  My partner in crime thinks he can hook us up.  Don’t tease me like that!