The Hot Tub

by notsoon4gotten

Chances are the unexpected will happen when you are not expecting it.  One evening circumstances brought me to be alone with a man I considered in need my brand of angel.  The angel that brings relaxation, joy, and pleasure by being a passionate, giving lover.  With a mild bit of a push from a mutual friend via a text message, we went skinny dipping in his out-door hot tub in winter temperatures.  Hot water, naked bodies, mutual desire, you can see where this might lead.

He runs out first and I take a few minutes to brave the cold out to the tub.  I haphazardly have a towel over my front, just really carrying it. He is in the hot tub and now I must get in.  Ok, deep breath, towel to chair and gracefully or not so gracefully get in.  I sit across from him.  He’s nervous, I’m nervous for him.  After a few moments, he politely asks “may I touch them?” as he points to my breasts.  I answer, “of course” and move next to him.  He likes them very much.  He is now the kid in a candy store and finding more to explore below the water.

He keeps telling me how nervous he is, so I keep telling him I had and have no expectations.  I encouraged the encounter be exploratory only as I had no intentions of getting in the hot tub when I came over that night.  I didn’t even bring my purse in the house, it was left in my car.  I wasn’t supposed to be there longer than a few minutes.  The unexpected happened, when I wasn’t expecting it.

We kiss, we fondle, we play, but it is very apparent this man wants more than an exploratory encounter.  I’m a lover who pleases, therefore, it brings me pleasure to meet his desires.  Shocking as this may sound, I have inside information on what this man loves and never gets.  I very willingly proceed to give him a taste, a taste of heaven sent from my lips and tongue.

He begs me to get out of the hot tub and asks if we can f**k.  I’m smiling inside at his politeness, it’s charming.  Then he asked if he could put me over the side of the hot tub.  He asked me, this is new for me.  The letters OMG do not begin to describe what this man can do.  I haven’t had plain old near zero foreplay banging sex feel that good in years.  I want more!  Nervous willy came too fast, but I won’t hold it against him.  I had him going pretty good before he asked if he could do me over the side of the hot tub.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a man thank me before.  It felt weird.  Almost felt like thank you, but I won’t be coming back.  I read into things and get nervous.  It is the unfortunate consequence of the first lover I had being a complete loser in terms of ending the relationship.  I may appear to be confident and strong; but inside I am scared and vulnerable.

Now, I have not been with a man having his first affair before, this makes me nervous as well.  You either have the capacity to function making love to two partners or you don’t.  You don’t really know until you try.

We shall see where this leads.  I am hopeful for stolen moments where he is relaxed and not nervous.  I know he needs such moments in his life.  A little excitement from being naughty is always fun, too.