Daring move, uninhibited fun

by notsoon4gotten

I’ve never had one of those “right in front of your eyes” experiences until recently. Several months back I had my eye on a person of interest. He was my type, older, blue eyed, regular body build, and a 99.9% chance of being uncut, but he seemed to lack the maturity for his years. I was flirtatious, however, cautious due to a negative feeling I had.

I have a “wing man” who will assist me at times. He had hung out with the older man without me around and was hinting at my intentions. Let’s admit you don’t look at a happily married woman with children in a professional career field and think that she’s available for some extracurricular fun.

Things were not going in the direction I thought they should be. We had exchanged a kiss on the cheek and a hug upon greeting or parting, but that was it. I decided to heat it up a bit. I invited a female friend of mine out for an evening where I knew this older man would be. It turned out she knew this man a little bit and we enjoyed tormenting him by kissing each other insinuating a little girl on girl action could be in his future. Epic fail. He wasn’t turned on. I have to wonder if he’s gay, we are two attractive blonds with decent mom bodies. Maybe he likes more exotic women.

My friend told me about this man in more detail and I decided my instinct was correct, negative and not the man I should continue flirting with. About that same time, it dwindled on his end as well. Many times it seems I would go to see the older man and he was busy, so I would converse with a younger guy. This younger guy was more and more intriguing with every conversation, however, not my type. I have found myself talking to this younger guy weekly.

I’ve never been into younger men. Generally speaking they have many problems which stem from lack of maturity. Their life problems have not been handled well and frankly their ability to manage relationships in a regular dating world is scary. It’s “drama” and if you’ve had an affair, you know drama is the LAST thing you want.

I came to realize rather recently that the younger guy had the hots for me, he liked me. I started to ponder on the entire interpersonal relationship dynamics between these two men. I came to a conclusion, the older man was aware that the younger man had the hots for me. This explains an awful lot. (This was confirmed last night. I learned they talked about me a lot, nice.)

My wing man dragged me out after I had been relaxing at home with a few drinks. My wing man was an instigator and I’m not sure I appreciate that given the level of intoxication I was under, more on that perhaps at another time.

So, I was chatting with the younger guy again. This time he took the conversation further than he had before. He seems mature enough to handle a little relationship on the side. He had hinted at liking me and wanting me, I was filing it all away in my brain. Last night was the night it became clear I liked him as well even though I would tell you he isn’t my type.

We snuck off to a seclude location. I went right for his cock with my mouth, teasing him and making him moan. Then I bent over and let him fuck me good. I was hot, wet, and ready. It was very good.  Right in front of my eyes…

We will meet again soon for a more relaxing encounter.