Being nice is not worth it. I’m going to be a bitch from now on.

by notsoon4gotten

Where do I begin?

I let a friend borrow my car Saturday.   The person was in an accident Monday with the car and I don’t have the car back to assess the damage.  It’s “drivable” in their opinion.  Well, their car is in my driveway waiting for them to fix it.

I haven’t heard from this person in the last 24 hours.  When do I sever the friendship and report my car stolen?

My insurance premiums are going up because of their accident.  I wasn’t even in the car.  I was at work minding my own business.

Being nice has just gotten me no where.

I loaned $50 to my cousin.  I didn’t remember I was running that tight and a check bounced.  I have NEVER had a check bounce in my life.  Well, this has set off a mess that I haven’t had time to deal with.  The nasty letter I received today makes me want to write back here’s your $10 fee and here’s your damn club membership card.  The letter threatened to have a warrant for my arrest issued!!!  (We’re talking $60 here.)

These are just the latest two examples of where being nice has fucked me in the wrong ways.  I am going to be a bitch from now on.  No will be my answer to anything that has a potential to put me in jail.

Honestly, I had no idea that letting an insured driver borrow my car was something that could put me in jail.  Live and learn, apparently the car is insured, not the driver.  I am liable to the injury of body and property in the accident caused by someone else driving a car registered in my name.  So, with that in mind, don’t let your car get stolen.  AND NEVER LET ANYONE DRIVE YOUR CAR FOR ANY REASON, JUST SAY NO!

I have usually told my cousin no I didn’t have money to lend him.  I should have said that same that week as I really didn’t.  I don’t know what I was thinking.  I wasn’t and that is a problem.

I’m so busy and so tired, I’m forgetting very important things.  I work 3 jobs.  I’m not able to leave my day job to do day time errands.  I work 3 nights a week, I go straight from one job to the next with ZERO time to spare.  When I say I have no time to conduct my own personal business, I’m not lying.

I need to find an end to this madness.  Something has got to give and it can’t be my sanity.