I was reminded why it is that younger men are not my type.

by notsoon4gotten

Younger men are just not my type.  There is a reason I have not been into younger men for lovers.   I have yet to be with a younger man who knows what a woman’s sexual needs are.  Yes, I suppose they can go-go-go, but if the go-go doesn’t include foreplay, then what is the freaking point on my end?

I’m in this for a good time; don’t get me wrong, I did have a very good time.  BUT…  I’d like to cum by way of another’s hands, fingers, mouth, lips, tongue, on my nether region, teasing me, caressing me, creating that build up of desire that explodes in shivering squirting orgasm followed by the great fucking to which I then can orgasmically  squirt again and again.  And then let’s go again!

I don’t wish to be judgmental by calling younger men selfish, lazy, immature, or self-serving.  I’m not sure that those words are quite right.  Maybe they are afraid to look at pussies and vaginas close up, maybe they have an aversion to feeling wet, moist, warm areas with anything other than their penises.

I have been with men my own age who are equally bad lovers.  A lover is developed over time, a great lover is not just born that way.   I don’t mind the work to aid in developing a young stud, but when I’m told that one does not need teaching and they know everything, but it’s clear they haven’t put any of it to use; well, hmmm…  WTF!!!

I’m left remembering there is a reason I don’t find younger men to be my type.  Truth be told, older men can go-go-go as well, oral encouragement is a wondrous tool, as well as, time.  The wisdom of experience trumps the vigor of youth for me.