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Month: January, 2015

Life without a cell phone is LIVING!

My life 100% without a cell phone lasted two whole days.  It was not a complete failure.  I’m trying to figure out how to commit to being free of the bitch more often.  I turned my phone back on due to the need to travel about two hours away yesterday.  I did turn the phone on airplane mode since I returned home.

I learned my life fine without it.  I get more done, I have fewer distractions.  The bitch in my pocket isn’t there to make me think about looking at my email or Facebook.  I pulled out a book to read instead!

I really only missed it for checking the weather when I get dressed in the morning and when I get in my car to go home to send a text to a dear friend of mine.

I used my home phone to call a friend and we talked. 🙂

I learned my boss is not able to handle me not having a cellular phone.   He was pretty demanding that I have a phone on Friday, but that didn’t happen.  I like not having a phone too much to go fix this.

I haven’t decided what the best solution is to work.  I don’t want to be connected 24/7 to a place that I work M-F 9-5.  I love my job, but I can’t be at their beck and call.

I have decided the best cell phone is an off cell phone.  So, perhaps I just turn it off when I get in my car to come home.





Throwing my phone never felt so good

Reflections of my sensory overload…

There are so many things in life that bombard our senses with garbage.   The household telephone came into our homes and allowed strangers to interrupt our lives attempting to make money, to make a prank, or any number of other things, mostly garbage.  The phone did “connect”people, however, with a price.

Decades later the advent of a cellular phone entered our lives and allowed for even more interruptions.  No one leaves a message on your home phone other than automated voices, everyone just calls your cellular phone.  Those automated voices on your voicemail can be ignored, but only for so long.  You pick up your home phone and the beeps never end to give you a dial tone.  And that was the end of voice mail, they will take it off your service for a price.

The cellphone used to be an accessory, something carried for emergencies, now your boss can call you when you are driving home.  Or you can take a photo of a dress you are trying on and have your best mom friend tell you how it looks without shopping together.  I miss shopping together.

This morning my cell phone hit my sensory overload switch.  It wasn’t calling or texts that sent my phone flying across the room.  It was simply the 7am alarm while I was fixing my son’s lunch dealing with pre-migraine pain flashers in my line of vision and severe lack of sleep from working too much.

It felt so good throwing that phone!  I picked it up and threw it again. It didn’t break which is both unfortunate and lucky all at the same time.  I picked it up and discovered it was bent, nothing more.  Then, I actually turned it off, literally black screen, it won’t light up if someone calls, sends an email, or texts.  There are only two people who call me for the most part, my boss and my husband.  As for the boss, tough shit today. And I’m sick of using my cellular phone as a corporate phone, so no work calls either!!!  Think of the productivity.

Should I turn the VoIP house phone on?  I keep it unplugged because it is only ever telemarketers calling.  If it’s someone we know they have our cellular phone numbers.   Not today, not turning it on, not ever.  I can call out if I need to.  I’m never home anyway and when I am, no, I do not want to hear it.  I think I only have one old 1990s phone hooked up to it with the 50 foot walk around the house cord (in this case, it’s in the basement and who wants to stand down there and talk on a phone).

Should I turn on my computer and open every blessed email account I own so I don’t miss something? Not today, whatever it is, it will have to wait until next week I think.   I wish I could, but one account I will have to check tomorrow or Saturday. 😦

No Facebook, no istant messaging, no instant internet look it up, no weather channel in my hand, no garbage of information coming in today.  No activity monitor to tell me how many times I go up and down the stairs everyday attached to that damn fucking phone, no email to respond to instantly, my life is taking a slow down turn.  I’m done.  IF you want to reach me, come by and visit.

Damn that felt so GOOD throwing that FUCKING PHONE!!!!!