Life without a cell phone is LIVING!

by notsoon4gotten

My life 100% without a cell phone lasted two whole days.  It was not a complete failure.  I’m trying to figure out how to commit to being free of the bitch more often.  I turned my phone back on due to the need to travel about two hours away yesterday.  I did turn the phone on airplane mode since I returned home.

I learned my life fine without it.  I get more done, I have fewer distractions.  The bitch in my pocket isn’t there to make me think about looking at my email or Facebook.  I pulled out a book to read instead!

I really only missed it for checking the weather when I get dressed in the morning and when I get in my car to go home to send a text to a dear friend of mine.

I used my home phone to call a friend and we talked. 🙂

I learned my boss is not able to handle me not having a cellular phone.   He was pretty demanding that I have a phone on Friday, but that didn’t happen.  I like not having a phone too much to go fix this.

I haven’t decided what the best solution is to work.  I don’t want to be connected 24/7 to a place that I work M-F 9-5.  I love my job, but I can’t be at their beck and call.

I have decided the best cell phone is an off cell phone.  So, perhaps I just turn it off when I get in my car to come home.