Flirting when you aren’t trying

by notsoon4gotten

I attended an event with a guess speaker one evening recently.   The meeting was mostly local business owners, bankers, and stuffy suit types.  The speaker was addressing start-up business tactics and funding growing businesses.  It was an okay speaker, nothing fabulous.  When the event ended I was chatting with a few of my friends and an acquaintance whom I see about these circles, but don’t know well.  He handed me his card.  I thought it odd as I don’t need his financial services, but, whatever, I put it in my purse.

As typical fashion I attended another event with another guess speaker about a week later.  Again, meh, the speaker was okay.  As I wrapped up chatting with my friends and this acquaintance, he walked me to my car.   It was freezing outside, so I was hurrying up the convo so I could get out of the wind.  I can’t afford to get sick.

A few weeks later, I cleaned out my purse and found the business card of my acquaintance.  I placed it on my desk and time passed.   I really had forgotten all about this acquaintance.   And then he popped up requesting friendship on the good old Facebook.  I accepted at some point.   And we will call this acquaintance Andrew from this post forward.

Incredibly one can flirt and not know it.  My nativity is part of my charm, so I’m told.  There will be more about Andrew to share.