The Italian Stud Is A Dud

by notsoon4gotten

I have been wasting my time with Andrew.  I’m embarking on month six and have decided I’m pulling back and letting it fizzle gently. I don’t honestly think he is “ready” for an affair, I’ve had my reservations about that from the start.  I think he wants to be, but his actions do not prove he probably will not.  His actions show a turmoil within and I just can’t go down that road. 

We have a good time when we get together, but a lunch out, and a few drinks on a total of 3 occasions (including the first) is not what I call progressing to the next level. Texting does not make a relationship. We talk on the phone about twice a month.  

Our last two meet-ups he canceled or just didn’t cancel. He came by a meeting I was in to tell me he wasn’t feeling well, ok.  And the other he didn’t text to confirm or deny, but knowing this was typical (which is a sure sign of why bother), I went to bed and didn’t wait up.  This last time is the last time, I’m done. 

In a normal course of events, I would have had sex by now to determine if he was a keeper.  Let’s face a fact here, I’m not in this to leave my family; I’m in this for a great sex experience. If it isn’t meeting my goal, then it’s a waste of my time. 

My time is precious. I have to balance it between my home life, work, and any extra curriculars I engage in.  If I give you my time, it means I am giving up time with my family.  

I don’t feel like putting more effort into this man.  There is no reward. At least the only time I’ve sacrificed is minimal. 

It was a nice thought to be involved in an affair again. But the reality is, it didn’t happen and I am not in the mood to make it happen.