Real Health comes from Wealth

by notsoon4gotten

Real health comes from wealth and I’m tired of being sick and tired.

You do not receive real health with medical insurance, this much is true, even good insurance like I have.  Paying your western medical doctor to run lab tests and prescribe drugs is a band-aid and the band-aid eventually disappears.  I have suffered from a myriad of symptoms for the last seven years.  I did my own research (that’s what researcher’s do), I requested addition tests as much as my insurance would cover.  I have taken medication and supplements to fight my symptoms.  I felt better for a while, but the band-aid of prescription medicine and prescription supplements was fading after 3 years.  The last 4 years have been a battle, one I am not winning, and one I can no longer fight with the knowledge I possess while my brain fads away more rapidly by the day.

I do not eat a western diet, I do not eat out, I shop for quality in food.  My “clean” diet should have results and yet, I have none. My supplements moved from prescription to non-prescription, but still medical grade that my doctor recommended.  My medication for my primary dysfunction was increased repeatedly over the last 4 years.   I’ve decided enough is enough.

I found an integrative medicine practice near by.  I made an appointment which my insurance does not cover.  I had lab work down that my insurance might cover, but it was cheap enough.  Today, I learned that my lab results are just as bad as when I first sought out help seven years ago.  In fact, I’m worse.  I’m worse because the medication is no longer being used by my body, the supplements might as well be water, and I’m pissing money away by continuing down this path.

Real health comes from Wealth, I say this because money buys what insurance will not.  Additionally, money buys higher quality food; CSAs are not cheap, farm raised live stock purchased and butchered are not cheap, and growing all your own food for the entire family is not possible on a city lot (however, I do grow some).  I already spend a small fortune on food to grow healthy children and frankly it works, my kids are rarely ever sick (knock on wood).  My oldest child is 6’3″ and growing more, he’s only a sophomore in high school.  No one will ever tell me quality food is not worth it, the grocery store is filled with isles of nothing but non-food junk passed off to American’s as food.  Living here is killing me.

The cost of treatment with this integrative medicine doctor’s office is $5000 for 3 months.  Additionally, I can expect to spend $200 in supplements per month.  I don’t really make enough money to support paying $5000 over 3 months.  However, if I don’t support my brain to do my job, I will be out of two jobs and I’ll be out of all my earnings.  My cognitive brain function is impaired and hanging by a thread with what little I do seem to use from my mediation.

I don’t see that I have much of a choice, if I want to be well.  I’ve been on a steady downhill slop since last summer.  I really tried to find help in February and again in April, both times failed.  I have tried for 4 years to help myself and 3 years prior to my diagnosis coping myself and spending hundreds on supplements.  I have done detox diets, supplements to the point my stomach hurt for hours, eaten raw vegan, just vegan, paleo, eliminated everything under the sun, GAPs, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, you name it, I’ve probably done it.

So, I will self pay this doctor the $5000 up front tomorrow.  I will move it to a zero interest credit card and pay on it monthly until it’s gone.  I will give this 3 months and if this fails, I’ll regroup and try something else.

It’s only money, I can’t take it with me when I die.  And at this rate, I’m dying because I’m not living.