Enlightened Perspective

by notsoon4gotten

No one really wants to admit that they suspect an office affair or at least I didn’t.  There are subtle clues that take place day in and day out in the office, however, the average person probably does not put them together.  I think you have to have had an affair to recognize the subtly.

The playful joke here or there, but really it’s a level of understanding a person on an intimate level.  Personal matters an employee would not normally share with the CEO, he was first to know.   Day “work” trips only the two of them went on for “research & development”.   Private conversations for hours in the CEO’s office daily.  Mood swings between the two of them that seemed like just “moods” in moody people, but now can be tied together.  This man is friends with every upper management employee on Facebook, except her.

The moment caught me off guard.  I was commenting or rather complaining to a friend via chat that everyone had been gone for hours and jokingly wrote “who’s fucking who here?”  And in that moment, I was enlightened.

Since that day, I’ve decided I need a new job.  You see this isn’t a standard office affair among co-workers, it is an affair between the CEO and an incompetent department director.   I work closely with the CEO in my position, I work in the office next door.  I see the impact this relationship is making on the company as a whole.  It’s bringing it down.

The big items indicative of affairs – Yes, he has a separate checking account his wife does not know about.  Yes, he goes to the gym (for brief periods of time) to impress this woman at work.  Yes, he has credit cards not known to his wife.   Do I need to list out more?

This affair will not go away, it will not pass over the CEO.  He cannot move on to others.  He is stuck for the next 18 years and he will employ this woman as long as he is able.  The department director is pregnant.  The CEO knew before anyone, she was confiding in him for months about it.   He wanted to tell me, she was telling him no (I over heard this one day in the hall).  I know for a fact she called him from the hospital before it went on FB, you see, he already knew when I gave him a heads up.

She had a boy friend who she is stating is the father.  But I can’t be sure now.  I’m not sure of anything.  And she is just wicked enough to trail this poor boy along.  I wonder who will be paying child support…

Ever since that moment of enlightenment, I can see the relationship for what it is.  I also can see he’s losing it.  He’s losing the ability to hold it all together.  While I’d love to stick around see how this unfolds, I think I better jump ship while I still can.