Tail between his legs

by notsoon4gotten

Recently, I became involved with a group of people with a community focus to change a few things around here.  I’m talking big changes with big money backing, the philanthropist ideal organization to dump hundreds of thousands of dollars into for the purpose of benefiting the community locally and future community across our state.

I’ve spent a few weeks now researching and drafting legal documents which are all tied to the lead organizers and myself.  I have pulled in well established colleagues of mine in the endeavor.  I have pulled in marketing favors.  Essentially, put my neck on the line vouching for the cause and the ability of these people.

Low and behold, conflict lies behind the shadows I do not see, personal conflicts.  The primary lead organizer is saying he is out as someone is sabotaging his personal life from within the core group.  We are talking about 7 people in all and 1 is apparently a rat.   So, run away from the problem.  Don’t call them out by name, just run away with his tail between his legs.  That’s such a manly move.  Not exactly the character I was hoping for in a leader.

The rest cannot function without leadership, they are all over the map, and the organizational goals will fail without a leader.  I certainly do not have the time to step-up, nor do I really care to take on that level of volunteer work.  I was happy to do my part and play my role.

To think one of the persons I’ve been working with for a few weeks now could sabotage someones personal life gives me pause for concern.  I didn’t sign up for drama, I signed up to lend my expertise in the area for which I am trained and skilled.  I certainly do not need the drama following me.

You think something is going well and then it isn’t.  I think I will bow out now as I have wasted enough time on them.  I do not like conflict.  I do not need to voluntarily enter into conflict.  People suck.