Finding Your Way (part 2)

by notsoon4gotten

How do you answer the questions?  What do you want?  What is it that you really would like to do?  What is the work you can’t not do?

If it were easy, there would not be a bizzillion blogs about it, or even self-help gurus taking your money to tell you how to answer it with a bunch more questions you can’t answer.

I used to think I was one of the lucky ones because my work was my passion.  I’m not sure if that is still true or not.  Not because what I do is not my passion, but because everything around me tells me no one’s work is automatically their passion.

When asked, “Why are you doing the work you are doing?”  I think my answer is rather textbook, well, I’m good at it.  I happen to like it for the most part.  Are those answers not good enough?

I have a hobby that I love, but I have often envisioned what would life be like if my hobby was my 9-5 job and that vision is one where I no longer get enjoyment from my hobby.  My hobby is my happy place, it’s what I do after a long week of tough work.

All these self-help gurus seem to think you can make your passion your career.  Is a hobby a passion?

But what if I figured this out a long time ago?  Maybe I have just forgotten to remember my why.