What do you say?

by notsoon4gotten

What does one say to someone who has indicated they don’t want communication with you?

Let me flip that as I have blocked people in my life because I didn’t want their drama in my life.  I didn’t want their negativity.  I didn’t want to deal with the pain they caused my children.  I don’t need friends like that.

I still do not want to hear from them. I could careless if those individuals fell off the face of the earth.  However, those whom I’m speaking of hurt me or my children and used me and my kindheartedness.

I was even cowardly and blocked them as to not see their messages to me and to just be left in peace.


Why would someone not want to communicate with me???  I wasn’t mean.  I wasn’t rude.  I wasn’t needy.  I wasn’t intrusive.  I don’t have drama.  I just wanted to be in communication.

There is nothing to say I suppose.  Nothing that would make a difference at this point in time.  Maybe later, but doubtful.


Estoy cansado de quererte y esperar
No me queda más remedio que olvidar
Escuche, aprendí a entender tu silencio
Que hasta ese momento, no dolió
Y la noche sentí que te fuiste muy lejos
Esa herida en el pecho hasta ahora no cerró
Y las horas sin tenerte me condenan
A vivir pensando en ti mientras tú no llegas