by notsoon4gotten

The day I finally, truly, decided to quit my job was the most freeing day of my life.  I had been stuck at a job I did not like.  I kept thinking when I have more side income coming in, when I save more, always a reason to put off what I wanted to do.

A work anniversary came around a few weeks ago and I was extremely grumpy.  It irritated me that I was no further in the process of leaving.   I decided I would save, planned out the savings road map, and I would quit in four months.

The deadline set four months away did calm my irritation, but only by a little.   I kept looking at my finances and kept thinking I want this now, now is the time, four months from now is too late.  Life is short and I’m wasting my time here at this stupid job.

Recently, my father delivered some bad news about his health.   It has rocked my world upside-down.  Perspective is important, life is too short.

Don’t stay in the job that makes you unhappy.  Make the alternatives happen!

I am putting my notice in to my employer after I take my last vacation days this week.

I am ready to live a present life!