I am a married woman with more children than most, all the children were conceived within our marriage, prior to me being open in our marriage.   I am, also, a college professor.  My field of study is one few women are found in, it’s analytical, mathematically heavy, and dominated by old men.  This is changing, but slowly as the old men die off (literally dying in their professorship chairs of tenure).

I am an analytical person, more logic than emotion.  Relationships built in logic and not in emotion are more stable, this is my analytical view point.  Love is unconditional, that is my religious view point.  Unconditional means forever, no matter what, “hate the sin, love the sinner”.

I’ve been married to the same man longer than most with a silver anniversary around the corner.  My marriage is a healthy marriage of give and take.  We may not be conventional, however, we are a united front.  From the outside looking in, one would never see that we both have lovers on the side, we look like the all American family loading the family van for church on Sunday mornings.

My husband has always had my permission to seek relationships outside the marriage.  I had one rule, wear a condom.  The rule that is not stated and doesn’t need to be stated is our marriage is until death do we part.  There is never a desire to leave the family we have created or to damage another family.

This blog is for my own personal thoughts and things I’d like to share.   If my blog offends you, keep that to yourself and simply do not read it.  I do not share for arguments or debates.  I will not engage in such.  I do not share to be ridiculed or slammed with nasty grams.   I don’t have time in my life to give a your opinion my 2 cents.  I barely have time to blog, so let me enjoy the moments I do chose to spend free writing.  No one in their right minds would want to read what I publish academically!